Great Poland v5.0 by ModsPL

Great Poland v5.0 by ModsPL


New model is out!
This mod will rebuild some principal roads/motorways/highways in Republic

of Poland…
New roads:

– Rebuilded all A4 from Kraków to “Rzeszów”

– New a part of S17 (bypass of Lublin)

– S19 (as japanese bypass of “Rzeszów”)

– Modified variety of Warsaw’s bypass – not S8 however now EOW (Ekspresowa Obwodnica Warszawy) – Specific bypass of Warsaw

– Added southern a part of EOW

– Rebuilded highway from Gdańsk to Gdynia (appears to be like extra practical)

Rebuilded roads:

– a part of A1 from Łódź to Gdańsk and as bypass of Katowice

– A2 close to Łódź

– A4 from Kraków to Rzeszów

– A6 – bypass of Szczecin

– A8 – bypass of Wrocław

– Southern a part of S3

– S6 close to Gdańsk

– S7 close to Olsztyn

– S8 close to Białystok, Warszawa, Łódź and Wrocław (additionally as

expressway from Łódź to Wrocław)

– S8 -_ southern bypass of Łódż

– S11 as Western bypass of Poznań

– full bypass of Warsaw (west/north/south)
Additionally added/rebuilded:

– New ferry connection Szczecin-Trelleborg (might not work on GPS however

connection works)

– added numbers of principal roads in Poland

– rebuilded each Polish ports

– added cityroad from Gdańsk to Gdynia

– firm “Posped” in Lublin was changed to Rzeszów
Mod for model 1.26 IT DOESN’T NEED PROMODS!


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