KS-6B v1

KS-6B v1


Right here we’ve got the beet harvester KS 6 b with built-in Krautschneider for you.
He’s correct and works with helpers abbunkern all over the place and has animated elements.
The Ks 6 is thought from the LS 11 – LS15 and the unique mannequin is from balogh2003. W e, the OHV Modding Staff, the automobile have reworked and tailored for LS17.

Credit: Mannequin: balogh2003
Texture / reworking: OHV / elchi
Ingame: Fortschritt_E516 and OHV Modding

Have enjoyable the OHV Modding Staff and modders concerned.

Credit:Modell: balogh2003 Textur: OHV Modding/ elchiScript: OHV ModdingIdee / Konzept: balogh2003 /OHV ModdingTester: GödiSonstige:

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