Caterpillar 262B Kryptek v1.1

Caterpillar 262B Kryptek v1.1


Desc 262B:

Config Wheel: Authentic, Authentic with Chains, Filth Wheel or Filth Wheel with Crawler

Config Attacher Trailer and Trailer Low

Config add Grids

Motor 74 Hp

four Digital camera: 2 Outside X65 x40, 1 indor and 1 Motion Instruments

Max velocity 20 Km/h

Gentle Low and Excessive Entrance, Turnlight, BackLight

Mouse management left and proper

Sounds : Authentic

mass: 9.5

Indor ornament

Exaust System


Worth: 65500

Class Skidsterr
Desc Instruments:

Shovel capability 1500 all Fruit, with colision for transport wooden

Leveler capability 2500 all fruit, with collision for push wooden, clic left mouse for rotation defend

Stumpcutter (BRH) for forest work

Credit:Caterpillar 262B Skid Sterr mannequin From Ski Area Simulator and Demoltion firm by GiantsShield mannequin from Ski Area Simulator by GiantsShovel mannequin from Demolition Firm by GiantsCompressor mannequin from Demolition Firm by GiantsTexture Lambo

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