Goldcrest Productions v3.0

Goldcrest Productions v3.0


Wellcome to Goldcrest Productions Map:

what we’ve is a brand new model of the default map.

you all know in regards to the default map however this has some added options created by the credit.

first off all of the animals are on or close to the farm.

chickens lay there eggs in a handy basket so that you can accumulate, so that you don`t need to run round looking for them within the farmhouse backyard.

cows are the primary motive to be on the farm. you’ll be able to accumulate the milk and promote it at marys farm.

pigs and sheep are close to the farm with there personal areas. pigs have the forage mixer adjoining to them.

the primary a part of the farm has a fence and gates with fermenting constructing to supply silage and blend station for cows

Animal vendor now sells chickens which you should utilize the joskinBetimax RDS7500 to purchase them with (included).

noticed mill to supply pallets of planks within the default sawmill space.

on the town we’ve a brand new constructing known as the pallet manufacturing which solely wants pallets of planks for the manufacturing of pallets (hope you perceive that)

compost manufacturing which is required for the greenhouse manufacturing.

greenhouse manufacturing that is fairly huge prodution line ,right here you’ll be able to produce pallets of tomatoes,purple cabbage,cauliflower,lettuce,raspberry,strawberry

which want empty pallets water and compost to supply. (all pallets have been remasted for FS17 pallets.

so lets recap sawmill and pallet manufacturing and compost are all wanted for greenhouse to supply.

buildings that bought moved are the car store and the animal vendor that are ajacent to one another and are close to the railway line simply over the bridge from the farm in the direction of city.

chopped straw in-built to the map.

damaged bridge close to composting constructing.

farmers market have been the outdated car store was on the town the place you’ll be able to promote all of the pallets.

some fields have been altered that are higher.

hope you want.

ps chances are you’ll have to get the choppedstraw mod

Credit:scooby, pinguar, Kastor, Marhu, Kevink98, Joker301069, Farmer_Andy, fasi, El_Cid, Giants,tarnat.jungle_strudsen, Oliviu Stoian, Alice Noir, Thilly Coppelmans, Leastspark, Gira Park.Anuar Zhumaev, Addylord, Hoffman, Dennis Tiensvold, Artistic Stall, Pencil, Alex Fuller.Ashley Fiveash, Lastspark, Bryn Mackenzie, Edward Boatman, Justin Blake and Shmidt Sergey.Ian898 / CBModding,Ifko[nator],

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