BIO-Diesel Refinery v2.0.0

BIO-Diesel Refinery v2.0.0


Diesel is Costly, so why not itself produce what!
This refinery is now potential.
What is required is barely canola and as you achieve Prdukte BIO_Diesel and as waste compost.
The Raffenerie should the be put in GE. All obligatory entries for ModDesk will probably be with.
Since I’m no good friend of placeable objects and can also be verhanden not often the required house for the scale of the article, there will probably be placeable by me NO model.

Credit:Thought, Textures, Edit and all Modifications: t2k-lsmodding(thoralf2002, PP);tech. Objects, Containers by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2);fuelStation LS11:unbekannt; Silos LS11:unbekannt; Hedge LS11:unbekannt; Oeltanks:LS11unbekannt ;GTX Mods.Marhu and kevink98 for the Fabrik Script.

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