AutoDrive v1.0.9

AutoDrive v1.0.9


Fastened XML loading path to new mod filename

With this script it’s potential to let each tractor drive mechanically to any of the predefined areas on the map regardless of the place the tractor is presently.
Simply select the vacation spot with the ingame HUD or use the keys which might be definden within the possibility display.
Then activate AutoDrive and the tractor will drive to the vacation spot autonomously.
You can too report new waypoints both solely quickly and for one tractor which might be pushed in a “silomode”. So the tractor will drive from begin to end forwards after which from the end to the beginning backwards.
However you may also report everlasting waypoints and join them to the prevailing grid of waypoints on the Goldcrest Valley Map. If you happen to play on one other map, simply begin your individual grid. You’ll be able to mix routes on each waypoint and create a community of routes throughout the entire map. Simply take a look on the one in “Goldcrest Valley”.
Have enjoyable with the mod and please give me suggestions if one thing shouldn’t be clearly defined or if there’s a bug within the script.

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Credit:HUD-Icons by OlfDE


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