Farming Simulator 17 Savegame Editor v1.0.0

Farming Simulator 17 Savegame Editor v1.0.0


This external program Scores in Farming Simulator 2017 to be changed!

The following values can be changed:
# Money, Credit,
# Wheat, barley, rape, maize, soya beans, sunflower
# Chicken stock, sheep population, number of cows, pigs inventory
# liquid manure, milk, eggs,

And the program is also some information from …
# manure, savegamename, player name, date saved, map (Map)

Instructions for Save Game Editor
1) Unpack file via right-click
2) Start file “Farming Simulator 17 SavegameEditor.exe”
3) left at the top “Lade Spielstand … (German) or Load savegame folder .. (English)”
Can be changed under Settings!
4) Desired savegame choose mostly in “… Documents My Games FarmingSimulator2017”
Change 5) values according to your mood
6) Bottom Left “Speichere Spielstand! Or Save game data!
7) Start game and look forward to new wealth !!! 😀

Credits:Programmierer: UnderworldTextur / Bildbearbeitung: UnderworldIdee / Konzept: Underworld


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